Yes! Our practice accepts insurance for acupuncture patients.

Yes, You found us.

The acupuncture practice that accepts your hard earned benefits. In order to best serve you we would love too verify your insurance benefits before you arrive.

Please click on the link below and complete the online form. We will contact you when we hear from your insurance company.

No Insurance? We do offer a time of service discount for:

Initial Acupuncture Session: $130

Follow up acupuncture Session:$90


Relax, We've got this

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What about fees for your other services? Click here.

Fine Print

We will verify coverage prior to treatment and make our best effort to file your claim. However, some insurance plans do not make it cost effective to do so. If that is true for you, than we will ask for a payment at the time of service and will provide you the necessary documentation to receive a reimbursement from your insurance company.

If for any reason we are not able to verify coverage prior to your treatment, you will be charged for the treatment until verification is obtained. We cannot bill your insurance unless you bring us all necessary insurance information.  When you use your insurance, you are assigning to this office the benefits to which you are eligible to receive for care rendered with us. We request a credit card on file if the insurance company should not pay claims or if there are any balances owed. We are a small business and want to spend zero time on collections. Thank you for your understanding. 

Unless cancelled at least 24 hours in advance, our policy is to charge for missed appointment at the rate of a normal office visit. Your acupuncture will be more effective if you follow your treatment schedule. Please help us to serve you the best that we can by keeping your scheduled appointments.