Medical Qigong

your body can heal itself

Have you ever thought that your health condition was rooted in something other than your physical body? Have you ever believed that an emotion, event or trauma was tied together with a physical pain or condition?

Have you ever wanted tools to help yourself physically, mentally, or energetically? Are you tired of the only answers being drugs, surgery, or talk therapy? 

Medical Qigong Can Help 

Rooted in Traditional Chinese medicine, Medical Qigong is a beautiful and powerful healing modality which allows people to release deep energetic blockages which may be preventing a complete healing from taking place. Especially great for those whose condition is idiopathic or of unknown origin, medical qigong eliminates the roots of imbalances by addressing the energetic and emotional matrix that underlie them. All patients of medical qigong will have Qigong exercises to do at home which are absolutely essential to the healing process. 

Wow. I feel more like my self than I have in years. Thank you.
— Carol, Newnan Georgia
I feel lighter, energized, and happy. I didn’t realize how bogged down I was in stress and heartache. I will definitely be coming back.
— Jay, Sharpsburg, Georgia
I love my personal Qigong exercise. I was never good at visualizations, but this feels easy and natural. I can tell a difference when I do it too. I will be using this all the time.
— Bill, Peachtree City, Georgia

A Medical Qigong session involves:

  • A detailed intake

    • We go beyond the presenting problem and delve more deeply into your life to find correspondences that may help healing.

    • We work with the 5 phases of Chinese medicine to deepen our understanding of your experience.

    • We listen deeply and allow you to feel at peace and heard.

  • Learning a Qigong Prescription Exercise, tailored specifically for you

    • After a detailed intake our deep knowledge of Qigong helps us pick the proper exercise for you.

    • We demonstrate the exercise (which involves gentle movements, breathing patterns, and visualizations).

    • We walk you through the exercise.

    • We make sure you can do the exercise on your own, and prescribe it anywhere from 1x to 5x per day as needed in any given case.

  • A Qigong treatment

    • You lay down clothed on a massage table.

    • The doctor gently touches acupuncture points and body areas to help promote the body too heal itself.

    • The doctor works with your physical and energetic body without touch.

    • You may be asked to deepen or slow your breathing, or breath into certain areas of the body.

  • Debriefing and choosing what is next

    • After your Qigong treatment we allow you to share anything of note from your session.

    • As a team we decide when and if to schedule your next session to maximize your healing potential.

    • We review your prescription Qigong exercise and answer any final questions you may have.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I feel I was guided to you and this has been what I needed to move on from some difficulties in my life.
— Mary, Peachtree City, Georgia
You listened when no one else would. I feel I was able to move to a new level after our sessions together. Life feels more joyful. I am grateful.
— Nancy, Peachtree City, Georgia

Dr. Mara is a doctor of Medical Qigong, which is the highest training one can have in this modality. She is passionate about giving people the proper tools to facilitate a complete healing. She believes that Medical Qigong is a much needed modality in today's busy world, and loves that it allows each individual the empowering ability to heal themselves.

We know that this may be the first time you have heard of Medical Qigong. It is the hidden secret of Chinese Medicine.

We welcome your questions.  We would love to work with you to choose whether Medical Qigong is the right modality in your individual case. Please call: 770-756-1979. Or Email: Or book your first session Now