We are...

Peachtree City Acupuncture and our mission is to bring you the highest quality acupuncture and Chinese medicine in the Atlanta area. We keep our values front and center and it shines through in everything that we do.

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We know that when you come to us, we may not be the first health care professional you have seen. We understand that some health care settings can make you feel like a number, and that overworked staff can be a distraction from the healing environment. We are committed to kindness and an open attitude when working with each and every one of our patients. You are greeted by name, given time to explain your concerns, and have plenty of time to receive your treatment. We believe this leads to a quicker recovery. 



In order to serve you and your family to the best of our ability we maintain current professional state, and national licensure as well as malpractice insurance. We value you and your time and never leave you waiting longer than 5 minutes for an appointment. 


State of the Art

Our clinic uses state of the art electronic health records (EHR) to maintain the privacy of your personal information. This allows us to communicate seamlessly with your other providers and insurance company. We also use online scheduling for your convince and offer the ability to verify your insurance benefits online before your first visit. All to allow you to have the best experience possible without being bogged down in paper work. 

Deep Listeners

We believe one of our main jobs as practitioners is too listen. We believe that listening deeply is at the heart of compassionate care. Only by listening deeply can we ask the right questions and hear the information that will allow us to offer you the most detailed and specific care we can. We know you would do the same for us. 

Always Learning

Our providers are always deepening their knowledge through exploring, learning and discovering something new. We love to take our continuing education courses as they allow us to expand on what we learned in our doctorate program, stay up to date on current trends, and connect with leaders in the field all to help our clients thrive.